Acupuncture is a two thousand year old personalised medicine that's fit for the twenty‑first century.


A naturally better way to heal

Inscribed by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, acupuncture is one of the world's oldest and most widely practiced medical systems belonging to traditional Chinese medicine.

In recent decades, it has rapidly become a popular natural and complementary therapy in the western world known for its personalised approach to diagnosis and treatment.

At a time when drug-based approaches to pain management are being increasingly misused and over-prescribed, acupuncture offers a natural solution that activates the body's own self-healing mechanisms to relieve pain, recover from injuries and rebalance the internal organs.

“There is evidence that acupuncture influences the production of and distribution of a great many neurotransmitters and neuromodulators, and that this in turn alters the perception of pain.” David Eisenberg M.D.
Clinical Research Fellow,
Harvard Medical School


Health conditions acupuncture can help with

Acupuncture isn't just for treating pain. There are many health issues that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can assist with.

Acupuncture may be tried as a natural and drug-free solution for migraine and tension headaches, hay fever (allergic rhinitis), post-operative pain, knee osteoarthritis, chronic low back pain, cancer treatment support including chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting.

If you are new to acupuncture, the following are just a few of the many conditions which have been scientifically researched with a high degree of evidence. For other symptoms and health issues, please feel free to ask our team or book an appointment for an initial consultation.

De-mystifying an ancient medicine

Over 2,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese physicians made one of the most profound discoveries of medical knowledge that is known today as the meridian system.

However, over the past century since Chinese medicine was introduced to the western world, its concepts such as "Qi flowing in meridians" have become lost in translation. There are some people today who regard acupuncture as an energy-based, un-scientific medicine — an idea which could not be further from the truth.

The meridian system is actually a neurological map of how the body's organs, muscles and tissues are connected to each other by the nervous and circulatory systems. Expert acupuncturists trained to use the meridian system can appear to be working magic when the truly amazing thing is the body's self-healing ability at work.

“It is by virtue of the twelve channels that human life exists, that disease arises, that human beings can be treated and illness cured. The twelve channels are where beginners start and masters end.” The Classic of Acupuncture
Circa 1st Century BCE

Experience the real thing

There is a real difference when acupuncture is practiced by Chinese medicine practitioners — the traditional masters of acupuncture.

Current health laws in Australia don't protect the public from unqualified or inexperienced practitioners who may be performing acupuncture, sometimes by another name. For example, "dry-needling" is not a form of acupuncture endorsed or practiced by the Chinese medicine profession.

Our acupuncturists at ACU FITZ are degree qualified Chinese medicine practitioners registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. The Board, supported by AHPRA, is Australia's peak governing body that regulates the Chinese medicine profession and protects the public.

Chinese Medicine Board of Australia supported by AHPRA

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your acupuncturists qualified and experienced?

Acupuncturists at ACU FITZ are professionally registered and caring Chinese medicine practitioners who have extensive clinical experience and training.

Our practitioners are doctors of Chinese medicine registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. They are able to advise you on a wide range of health issues.

Are there any side effects of acupuncture?

Serious side effects from acupuncture treatment when provided by qualified Chinese medicine practitioners are extremely rare.

You may experience minor bleeding, bruising, redness or lumps over certain points. These skin reactions are normal and will resolve by themselves.

Certain conditions may be temporarily aggravated immediately following treatment.

Do you provide treatments other than acupuncture?

ACU FITZ only offers acupuncture and meridian massage from our community clinic. For our complete range of Chinese medicine treatments and services, or treatment in a private clinic, please get in touch with Ping Ming Health Melbourne.

Can I claim from my private health fund?

Yes, you can submit our acupuncture receipts to your private health fund to claim a rebate.

Note: private health rebates are not applicable for meridian massage.

Do you bulk-bill?

Sorry, Medicare does not cover acupuncture treatments provided by Chinese medicine practitioners.

Acupuncture points
Acupuncture is comparable with morphine preparations in its effectiveness against chronic pain, but without the adverse effects of morphine, such as dependency. Acupuncture : review and analysis of reports on controlled clinical trials
World Health Organization, Geneva 2002