Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Screening

Important Information

Our clinic is currently screening all clients who may be suspected of having coronavirus.

Your co-operation will greatly assist us to keep our practitioners, clients and clinic environment safe so that we can continue to provide treatments during this time.

48 hours before your appointment, please click on the link in the SMS reminder message sent to your mobile. You'll be asked three coronavirus screening questions when you confirm your appointment.

Screening and self-isolation is one of the most important actions we can all take to contain a viral illness outbreak. If you have any concerns at this time, our team is ready to help and offer advice.

Infection Control

Our Clinic Infection Control Procedures

Things we are doing:

As registered health practitioners, we are professionally trained to practice infection control procedures and assess health risks at all times.

Our clinic is being regularly cleaned and surfaces wiped down between treatments. Single-use protective headrests and coverings are now in use and towels used to keep you warm are washed after each person.

All of our practitioners will be wearing face masks during the next six weeks.

All clients are being screened and anyone with possible viral symptoms, recent travel and close contact with suspected cases are required to postpone their appointments.

Payments are contactless. With your card details saved, you can simply walk out after your treatment.

Our clinic has always been equipped with a hospital-grade HEPA air filter capable of filtering viral, bacterial particles and airborne allergens. Our air filter now runs continuously 24 hours a day and completely filters the air in the room 5 times per hour.

What you can do:

From Thursday 23 July, it is mandatory to wear a face mask when leaving home. Please come to your appointment wearing your face mask or suitable face covering. Your practitioner may ask you to remove your mask for certain types of treatments.

Respond to our check-in requests sent to your mobile and answer the screening questions when you confirm your appointment.

If you have even minor viral symptoms, please let us know and contact us to postpone your appointment. In most cases, you can continue your treatments once you have tested negative.

Please use hand sanitiser provided each time you enter the clinic.

Only the person receiving treatment is allowed to enter the clinic. Sorry, friends and family (who don't have an appointment) are not allowed to wait inside our clinic while you are receiving treatment.