Meridian Massage

To me, the body says what words cannot. Martha Graham

Meridian Massage

What is a meridian massage?

A meridian massage, or shiatsu, is a form of massage therapy based on the theories of traditional Chinese medicine.

Meridian massage practitioners use touch, comfortable pressure and manipulative techniques to stimulate the acupuncture channels and points.

Together with traditional Chinese medicine, meridian massage treats each person as a whole, not just the individual parts of their physical body.

A short meridian massage of 20 minutes helps to address a specific issue and can be booked alone or together with acupuncture.

A longer meridian massage (40 minutes or more) becomes a deeply relaxing experience that supports and strengthens the body's natural ability to heal and rebalance itself. Regular treatments can alleviate stress and improve circulation to maintain health.

Meridian massage treatments

During your first meridian massage session of 40 minutes, your practitioner will start by getting to know your body and symptoms through an initial consultation.

Your massage takes place on a lie-down table in our shared treatment space, and there's no need to undress during your treatment. Simply come wearing loose and comfortable clothing.

First Visit


  • Reduced post-lockdown pricing until 30 Jun 2021

  • Meridian Massage 20 mins

  • Including Initial Consultation & Assessment

Return Visits


  • Meridian Massage per 20 mins

  • Follow-up Treatments



  • Combined Acupuncture & Meridian Massage

  • Receive Both Treatments During One Session

How long should I book for?

A standard follow-up meridian massage takes 20 minutes to address a single issue and is suitable for most people.

You can book 40 minutes to address multiple issues, or when you would like extra time to de-stress. The extra 20 minutes allows your body to enter a deeper state of relaxation and really does make a difference!

Choose 60 minutes to spoil yourself. For hour-long bookings, private sessions are also available upon request.


Meridian massage and acupuncture

You can book and enjoy a meridian massage alone or combine your treatments together with acupuncture.

Once you have received a Chinese medicine diagnosis, the relevant channels and points for your symptoms can be treated by both acupuncture and massage.

Our practitioners work together as a team and can recommend a suitable treatment plan based on your symptoms and preferences.

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