A discovery of inner quiet and strength.

Grounding Sessions

Group meditation with acupuncture

Please join us in weekly sessions of meditation facilitated by Tiffany Wang. Absolutely everyone is welcome to our cozy safe space, even first-timers.

Why combine acupuncture and meditation together you ask? That's a good question!

In the modern day hustle-and-bustle it's more important than ever to take time out of your day to RELAX - to connect to the deeply rejuvenating place within ourselves.

We have found that simultaneously receiving acupuncture and practicing meditation tends to coax people into a profoundly restful state. Our goal is to gently send you on a journey of quiet and calm - to take a brief respite from your worries and inhabit the present moment.

When and where?

Sessions are held on Tuesdays from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at ACU FITZ with an admission of $35 (plus online booking fee).

Tiffany Wang

Tiffany Wang LAc

Tiffany is a California licensed acupuncturist. She has a passion for helping others and seeks to practice medicine that heals the mind, body and spirit. With her expertise in Chinese medicine, nutrition and meditation she strives to help patients create the right conditions for health to flourish naturally.

Session format

7:00-7:30 Check-in, Introductions, Guided Meditation
7:25-7:40 Apply acupuncture
7:40-8:10 Meditation with acupuncture
8:10-8:25 Group sharing/discussion
8:25-8:30 Conclusion and questions


Seats are strictly limited per session in order to ensure a fully immersive experience for those attending.

Please book your attendance in advance using our secure Eventbrite booking form on this page.

You can pay online at the time of booking, or choose "Pay at the event" to RSVP your attendance and pay on the day.

To contact the organiser, please email at any time.